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I Got My Name in Vending Machines

You Can Get Your Own, Hell, They're Almost Free.

31 October
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Hi, I'm Meg.
I am a huge mess all the time.
I have approximately ninety-five thousand freckles.
I am one self deprecating son of a bitch.
I try to be a feminist, but find myself laughing at some of their nonsense.
I love to write, and hopefully will have a career in it, maybe in television.
I have fallen in love with Star Trek, this is an undeniable, shameful truth about myself that I've come to accept and love.
I love to bake, it's my release.
I watched the 9th season of American Idol, didn't think it was boring and am in love with Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. And want them to date.
I love Conan O'Brien, he's my idol.
I love television and movies; you can always depend on entertainment to bring people together.
I want to achieve great things in life.

If this doesn't terrify you, please befriend me! I'm not as scary as this makes me sound :)